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copywriting services

Focus on your core business

and let me do the writing.

My experience tells me that writing about oneself is difficult, whether preparing a cover letter or marketing your own business. How do you put yourself in best light without exaggerating? How do you tell your story in an authentic and captivating way? People say I'm a good listener. Tell me your story and I will help you write it down.

My translator experience teaches me how important it is to focus on the source text. I will make sure my texts fit your already existing content and tone of voice. They will also be easy to read, and easy to translate if you decide you need other language versions.

web content writing / blog posts / product and service marketing / in English & Polish


translation services

Speak to your clients in their own language.

Let your story be heard beyond borders.

People will more likely find interest in your offer if you present it in their mother tongue and adapt your message to the local needs and tastes.


Specializing in marketing and tourism translation, I can translate your web content, making your services and products accessible to clients in other countries. I'm also a certified legal translator. This means I know legalese, a language in its own right. I can translate all your terms and conditions.

marketing translation / tourism translation / legal translation /

from: Polish, English, French, German / into: Polish, English


proofreading services

A second opinion can save you a lot of trouble.

Another pair of eyes can save your content.

The first impression counts, and however interesting your content is, typos will most likely ruin this impression. Sometimes it's hard to notice small mistakes. That's why I ask someone else to read my own texts and translations whenever possible.

I have professional experience in language quality assurance for a big tech company. It's not only about typos and missing commas. I will also make sure your content sounds natural, reads well and reflects your tone of voice.

proofreading / LQA / post-editing / in English & Polish

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