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writing blog posts


blog posts


topic: wedding & elopement photography / 2 languages /

4149 written words (and counting)

Long story short

When you're running a successful business as a photographer, you have lots of great visual content, but rarely enough time to write about it. I really enjoy describing what's going on behind the scenes of those stunning photo shootings, in a way that fits the unique brand voice. This project involves lots of mutually inspiring brainstorming, both online and offline, on a tram and on the banks of Lake Zurich.

Lessons Learned

Beautiful photos serve as a great source of inspiration for creative writing.

translating web content


web content


topic: hotel & SPA / 2 languages / > 30,000 translated words

Long story short

I stayed in this charming hotel in the Polish mountains as a guest and know the family who runs it well. The place is definitely worth a stay, not only for local tourists. I was happy to help when they decided to create a new website and asked me to translate the content into English and French. Thanks to this project, I acquired a whole range of new vocabulary, describing not only the hotel business, but also massage techniques and facial skin care.

Lessons Learned

Not only restaurant menu translations can make your mouth water. Think of a SPA treatment called "Chocolate Delight". My advice: don't sit to work hungry.

translating mobile app content


mobile app



Long story short

topic: tourist information & IT / 3 languages /

> 70,000 translated words / 1 visit to a tourism trade show

What started with a call for an urgent translation turned into a year of fruitful project collaboration. I watched a Polish start-up grow, launching many successful apps and IT solutions. I helped them translate their content into English and French (and sometimes from IT speak into human first), communicate their brand to foreign partners, look for interesting calls for tenders abroad and write tender documentation.

Lessons Learned

Knowing that your translation will help hundreds of tourists find their
way around a new city is a great reward.

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